Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Local Farmer's Market

I'm always writing and talking about supporting my local farmers and farmer's markets, and I believe in the value of creating stronger local economies - farmer's markets are a big albeit seasonal part of that.

My hometown started a little Saturday farmer's market last year. I heard it was dinky and didn't have any organic food, which is okay, but coupled with the fact that it was only open till 2:30 made it very difficult for me to get my butt down there.
I get to the farmer's market in Morristown, NJ, which is a great Sunday outing, but until this past weekend, I hadn't gotten to the Boonton farmer's market. For shame.

While I buy local in many other ways, I neglected my little farmer's market.

When I finally got there, I noted that it was indeed kind of dinky, but it felt good to meet and talk with the two farms represented. The one farm, Race Farm of Blairstown, NJ seemed to have more variety and while neither of them had organic produce, they said they usually do and will again in a couple of weeks. The heatwave had something to do with not having the organic stuff (I was too busy sweating to retain all the details).

I bought two bunches of beets and made some DELICIOUS roasted beets that I've been living on for like 3 days. See my 'for the love of beets' post on eatdrinkbetter.com.

There were a couple of other local vendors who are worth mentioning:
1. A very local healthy snack foods company (based in Boonton) that sells these AMAZING and hysterical snacks, including these 'wing' baked chips that are actually in the shape of little buffalo wings! Many of the chips are gluten free. They distribute through Whole Foods among other grocery chains and he even knew about our food coop (VeggieHeads) and was going to get some of the overstock to us at cost! Learn more about these yummy veggies chips @ Mediterraneansnackfoods.com.

2. Anyone who knows me at all, knows I'm a tea junky. I hit pay dirt, but it happened at the end of the day and I was wilting in the sun - but, I will go next weekend to get some of their wonderful organic teas and accessories! You can order stuff on the web, look for Ducky Life Organic, Loose Leaf Teas, Accessories and Gifts.

3. Paul the pickle guy. Didn't get any takeaway information, but we did takeaway some crispy, crunchy pickles. There were some really creative ones. I got the cranberry horseradish ones myself. My daughters were fighting over which type of olives to get (we got both, of course). It was a pickle tasting smorsgasbord and it made it all seem worthwhile.

4. There were some local crafters represented - mostly jewelry and a couple of silk scarfs.

If you are in Boonton on a Saturday this summer, visit our growing little farmer's market! Now, I'll be there!

GD Meg

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