Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gloria Steinem's Enlightened View of Sarah Palin

If you haven't seen the powerhouse Op-Ed by Gloria Steinem about Sarah Palin that was published in the Los Angeles Times last month, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with Ms. Steinem's POV. She passionately articulates what so many of us have wanted to say. Thank you Gloria!

If you are a woman or love one (or several, whatever), I hope you will consider carefully how damaging the gun-toting Gov. and her 'maverick' boss could be to women's rights and reproductive rights among other vital issues of course.

The next president will likely have to make a Supreme Court appointment.

I've heard too many educated, smart women say that they don't believe Roe v. Wade would ever be overturned or 'oh, McCain would never do that'. I want to scream, 'REALLY!?!? Do you have any idea what the agenda for the GOP is for reproductive issues?' Please visit the McCain/Palin agenda on 'Human Dignity & the Sanctity of Life' and read the first line! (hint - it is at the top of their agenda to overturn Roe v. Wade). Make no mistake, overturning Roe v. Wade is only the beginning.

There are many huge issues at stake in this particular election, but this is one I personally feel strongly about.

Whatever you do, make sure you exercise your rights and participate in this crazy flawed democracy - vote, and bring a friend or two or a hundred!

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GD Meg


Virginia Harris said...

Can you even imagine being a woman and not being able to vote?

Thanks to the suffragettes, America has women voters and women candidates, and we are a better country for it!

Women have voices and choices! Just like men.

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Kim said...

You bet your sweet bippy I am going to vote! And vote against the McCain Palin ticket of doom. Those 2 scare the crap out of me. Now off to read Gloria's Op-Ed

Meg & Jen said...

Excellent link going over each candidate's (including VPs) stance on abortion and their voting records on relevant bills.