Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tea Time with Terra Keramik

Anyone who spends any time with me knows I don’t go for more than an hour during daylight hours without a cup of tea. So, any opportunity to test new tea-related products is very welcome.

I received this beautiful blue mug from Terra Keramik, a socially and environmentally responsible ceramics manufacturer that uses renewable energy and energy efficient clays. Everything is designed and produced by Felix Volger, founder and creative director, who personally signs every piece in platinum. Apparently, the production of tableware can be seriously detrimental to the environment. Terra Keramik has gone to great lengths to minimize their impact on the environment. Read more about Terra Keramik’s sustainable manufacturing practices.

The tea/coffee mug in the picture above is indeed my very own, containing one of my very favorite green darjeeling teas from the Boston Tea Campaign. I love their loose teas, but I couldn’t enjoy it without my biodegradable t-sacs, which are essential to my loose tea ritual.
And yes, that is my cozy cat spooky snuggled on the pillow!

eat. blog. be merry!
GD Meg

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Doodle said...

Wow thats crazy! I have a black cat named Spooky too. I also have a gray one named Winter.