Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Going Postal Over Recycled Boxes

The US Postal Service proves yet again why we need UPS . . .

They are hassling a guy in Colorado who runs a non-profit agency and is trying to conserve resources. In using boxes to ship sports memorabilia for his non-profit organization, Gary Adler sometimes picks up priority USPS boxes.

The Post Office claims it is essentially illegal to recycle these boxes. The Postal Service said it promotes recycling, as long as customers pay accordingly.

Dunno about this one. According to Adler and the Postal Service, these boxes were headed for the dumpster.

Does this make any sense to anyone? Or, does it sound like the USPS is trying to keep a revenue stream at the cost of many trees and excessive unnecessary output of carbon to make new boxes?

Read the original story, Reusing Cardboard Postal Boxes Illegal Shipper Must Pay To Use Old Priority, Express Mail Boxes

This cartoon is great. If you can't read the small print (i can't), click on it and go have a good chuckle.
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Kim said...

The USPS has never been known for being logical or smart or environmentally friendly. It's all about the almight $$$$$$. It's enough to make you go postal.