Friday, April 11, 2008

Sustainable Needlepoint?

Okay, not sure what about needlepoint is sustainable, but I wanted to try and make the topic fit!

Most Wednesday afternoons, I can be found with an enlightened group of people. The premise of our small gatherings is to 'study' the Course in Miracles, but we mostly share what is happening in our lives and how the Course may be employed. No matter what is happening, my spirits are always lifted. One of or merry band is an amazing needlepointer (if that is a word). Over the years, I have witnessed the creation of an impressive array of pillows, chair covers, and floor coverings. We all oooh and ahhhhh when we see her progress, especially on this huge, gorgeous runner she is working on right now.

I've been experiencing some anxiety with all the changes in my life and she recognized my need for a project and offered to get me started on my first needlepoint project. She insisted I would get hooked. I was skeptical as I am still feeling quite addicted to knitting (although I'm very much a newbie there too).

We went to one of the local needlepoint shops and she helped me pick my first two projects. We went back to her house and I got my first lesson.

I've been needlepointing every free minute since!

I think I've been moving pretty fast, but as you can see after one week, I'm only halfway through my first project.

Yes, that is pink and green asparagus. What is up with that?

I'm needlepointing myself to peace & serenity and loving it!

GD Meg

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Kim said...

Awesome! I love your asparagus needlepoint. Many of my knitting friends dabble in multiple crafts and some are expert needlepointers (not me though). Will Asparagus become a framed wall hanging or a pillow or something else?