Sunday, September 28, 2008


Jen and I would like to invite our green diva friends to jump into the blogsphere here with us. Because we still hear from so many of you and you all have such great ideas, we want to use this blog as a forum to create an ongoing conversation about how we can live the low-stress green lifestyle and have fun together doing it.

We are taking a NO-stress approach and hope you will jump in and let us know how you are, what you are up to and help us get this conversation going. Write about any aspect of sustainable or green living - and what area of our lives is NOT touched by this crazy, conscious way of being?

Be a Green Diva guest blogger, and blog about:

  • food (recipes, your favorite farm market, growing it, sustainable agriculture issues, etc.)

  • family (whatever shape it takes - kids both young and everlasting)

  • eco-fashion

  • eco-style in general

  • eco-home

  • sustainable & socially responsible business

  • alternative energy

  • buying local

  • getting creative

  • cool fuels (if you understand biodiesel, please share more with us!)

  • new transportation (hybrids, electric, cars)

  • musings on simply living

  • humor

  • politics (yes, let's not be shy about this)

Our traffic is increasing and we encourage the use of social networking media. If we get this thing cranking, we can start selling serious advertising and everyone will get a piece of that pie

Blog posts should be between 300 - 500 words. Try to include relevant links. Send one JPEG image to go with your blog. Let us know how you want your name to appear and if you want your email or website to be listed in your signature.

Write me @ if you are interested in being a Green Diva blogger.

Eat. Blog. Be Merry!

GD Meg

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