Thursday, September 25, 2008

Week-Ender: Sustainable News Highlights

Farmy News . . .

Check out Farm Aid 2008!

Didn't get there this year. If you didn't either, we can watch it any time from our computers anytime!

Organic Valley Whips it Up
Organic Valley offers tubs of their awesome whipped butter. Yum! Met my local Organic Valley farmers last year - I love their butter. Who are your regional Organic Valley Farmers?
The Earth Times

News Close to Home - Mine Anyway . . .

Corzine May be First to Install Offshore Wind Turbines
The gov is ready to launch a pilot to install dozens of turbines 'down the shore'.

International Green News. . .

What do Boeing, Virgin, UOP Honeywell, The World Wildlife Fund and the NRDC all have in common?
These and other powerhouse organizations form a sustainable aviation fuel user group.

Biofuels Digest

Chinese officials push for more sustainable manufacturing

News from Paris is that Japanese textile manufacturers are benefiting from the eco-fashion boom

Eat. Blog. Be Merry!
GD Meg

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