Thursday, August 28, 2008

Green, Red, White & Blue

No weekender this week. Sorry folks. It's a holiday weekend. You're stuck with a few witty (or not) words from GD Meg.

I have been watching some of the Democratic National Convention every night this week and of course, every time I turn on my computer there is an unavoidable stream of news about this unity love fest.

Most people know, I was a Hillary gal, but it NEVER occurred to me to NOT vote for Obama. This is such a bizarre thought pattern to me. Anyway, I think Hillary and Hubby Bill did an awesome job. But, frankly, everyone I've seen seems to be on their 'A' game. I've only really seen a few of the hundreds of speakers, but I was quite impressed with Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana. He was very animated in his pitch about why we need to break our addiction to oil and how vitally important it is that we develop alternative energy sources.

Of the few speeches I've watched over the last three nights, I've been thrilled to hear every single headliner talk about the importance of taking action to make significant change in our energy policies. Go green is apparently a popular theme this year . . .

This is amazing progress. Only 4 years ago, I don't remember global warming, alternative energy, or greener living being such a strong and wide plank in any one's platform. Of course, I go back 20-something years ago and think about how a small community of folks in the Berkshires spoke as passionately as the politicians today are, only our groups were smaller (like 20 people) and there were no TV cameras or pundits to trash or praise our rally cries.

The convention producers have even gone green and are using biodegradable/bioplastic disposable cutlery and plates, which of course require trash guards to help people understand what is compost and what is old fashioned garbage. They also required all their food-service vendors to buy at least 70% locally produced and organic food. This my friends is getting serious.

While clearly some of it is 'green-stumping' (I just made that up) and pandering to the celeb-status popularity of 'going green', that is okay. Whatever the reasons or motives are, it will make things happen.

There are a lot of utopian goals being charged from the podium. Let's get busy making at least some percentage of it real.

Boy, Al Gore must feel somewhat validated, if not a little bitter about being so ahead of his time, huh?

Eat. Blog. Be Merry!
(and have a great holiday weekend)

GD Meg

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