Friday, August 15, 2008

Week-Ender: Sustainable Living News Highlights

Celebrities Going Green . . .

Paris Gets Green by Going Pink?
Paris decides to try riding a bicycle rather than drive - the bicycle is pink, of course.

Funniest Celebrity Green Video Clips
Watch Steven Colbert & Jon Stewart Riffs @ the 'Green Emmys'; the funny/scary janitor/environmental police on 'Scrubs, My Inconvenient Truth' episode; CBS Late Night with David Letterman's 'Chris & Jerry's Tips for Green Living'; and of course other fun stuff.

Global Green News . . .

Liberia: The World's First Sustainable Biomass Fueled Economy?
The development of a 35 megawatt (MW) biomass-fueled power plant to serve Monrovia, may just put Liberia on the global map as the first biomass-fueled economy.
Daily Observer (

Prince Charles' anti-Genetically Modified food Rant Could Hinder His Plans to Distribute Organic Food in India.
Bonny Prince Charles takes heat for his outspoken stance against genetically modified foods. Go PC!
Times of India

Various Shades of Green News . . .

Organic Cucumber Vodka?!?
No self-respecting alcoholic would even consider messing up vodka with vegetables, but I suppose there are a lot of teetotalers that will enjoy it.
TimeOut - Chicago

Oil Billionaire Becomes Advocate for Renewable Energy
Oilman and author T. Boone Pickens talks about how he plans to change the energy industry.
Wall Street Journal

Organic Leaders Meet with USDA to Discuss Farm Bill
The meeting, organized by the Organic Trade Association will discuss the implementation of the latest Farm Bill - pay attention folks, we need to learn about this now so we can have a voice in the next one!
Natural Products Insider

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