Friday, August 8, 2008

The Week-Ender: Sustainable Living News Roundup

I'm going to try and do these every week . . . we'll see how it goes . . .

The goal is to offer a cross-section of interesting/unusual 'green' or 'sustainable living' stories that hit the news throughout the week - news from various sources around the globe (hence the sprouting globe icon above).

Please feel free to send ideas to us. We won't post entire stories, but will post headlines, brief description, source and a link.

Hope you like it!

Let There be Life: Games go Organic
Two electronic games that are appealing to the push for 'green'

Kangaroo Farming Would Cut Greenhouse Gases: Study
A pretty radical idea - to consider farming kangaroo for meat rather than sheep and cattle (at least for most Americans)

Dutch Town Tests 'Air-Purifying' Concrete
Boy, we could use some of that stuff here in northern New Jersey!
Agence France Press (AFP)

Mel Walsh: A Geezer's Guide to Green Living
Loved the title and the concept, but hopefully I'm not there yet

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