Friday, March 28, 2008

Lovely Low-Carbon Wrapping Paper

Lovely Lokta is naturally died paper made from the Daphne or Lokta bushes that grow in the Himalayan mountains. And it IS lovely . . . but it also is made quite sustainably - no trees were harmed in the production of this paper!

Here's what makes it so groovy and green:

Lokta paper is handmade and sun dried, so there are no machines involved;

The bush grows quickly and actually needs agressive pruning or it would die, but the bush also helps stabalize the soil and protect rural Nepalese villages from mudslides during the monsoon season;

The bush grows in the shade, so commercial growth does NOT require any forests be cut down;

The bush grows happily without the use of chemicals;

The paper is colored with either azo-free dyes or organic dyes;

Sweet Organics & Naturals developed this paper and sent me some samples along with some very cool organically dyed twine. The paper is not only nice, it has a great consistency and appears to be strong without being too stiff or wierd. I'm definitely going to use it for all those great eco-gifts for all the showers and weddings coming up this Sping and Summer!


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Kim said...

Damn! I want me some of that paper and gorgeous twine! Could there be a more perfect product in terms of sustainability and beauty? The twine could be crocheted into a beautiful & sturdy shopping bag. Too bad I don't know how to crochet.