Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pizza with Purpose

a couple of years ago, i had the pleasure of meeting george schenk, founder of american flatbread bakery. he is a man with a mission beyond making the most delicious organic, natural pizza. he handed me a handmade cookbook that was hand bound and done in handwriting - his own.

try one of the recipes, which we published in the mag, now found on our website! even the packaging has a story to tell - about artisan bread making, about organic goodness, and about the benefit of supporting your local farmers!

george is an avid localvore (eats locally produced food) and back in 2006 produced a wonderful act of civil disobedience through his chicken event.

their home-base is in the beautiful mad river valley in vermont, but they have hearth-side dining in three locations in vermont, one in virginia, and in order to be sustainable about their production, which is booming, they've opened a bakery in california to accommodate the stores that carry the pizzas in the west.

you can find the pizzas in many stores - go find one!

:) meg


Meg & Jen said...

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Meg & Jen said...

DITTO! Love the American Flatbread and George. If you are ever in Vermont, you must visit - I think they're in Warren. The place is so special - great energy - a beautiful wooden building. The food was great, but the greatest memory was of the circle of tree stump seats around the fire outside the restaurant. Great setting! - :) Jen

desiitaly said...

Waw, lovely blog and..this entry inspires me a lot, as I'm Italian and you is a must over here ;-)
Thanks for your comments, if you want I can give you the code for what you asked, where do I have to send it?
Let's keep in touch, I really esteem your work, I dream to become a WAH editor and writer like you, I'll start to follow your blog!
Greetings from Italy, ciao!!

Meg & Jen said...

so thrilled you chimed into our humble blog. please send code to

Yes, let's correspond. i want to hear more about what is going on in italy & europe and about your writing aspiriations.

perhaps you should do a column for us for our website about european sustainability!?


Kim said...

Yum I love American Flatbread pizzas.