Monday, March 10, 2008

What's in The Water??????

are you taking drugs every time you drink water from the faucet?

okay, not ilicit drugs, but those of the pharmaceutical variety.

i've been aware of this issue for a couple of years. when i first heard about it, it made perfect sense that it could be happening. scary to consider what else is getting into our drinking water that we just don't think about!

we filter our drinking water, but i've always wanted to get a good reverse osmosis household system to clean up the shower water, because our skin, being the largest organ and all, does absorb a lot of whatever is in the water. yuck.

living in the pharmaceutical capital of the world - NJ of course - i feel in far too intimate contact with this stuff anyway! i'm not a fanatical anti-pharma person, but i do feel that while they absolutely save lives and can be extremely helpful at times, they are being far too widely marketed and developed for purposes beyond what i consider to be safe. of course, this is purely opinion on my part.

the AP story that came out today only underscores the concern that left unchecked, even lifesaving chemicals can become a problem!

it really goes to an even broader issue of needing to be vigilantly aware of what we are doing to our environment. it is fairly obvious that our culture has gotten way out of natural aligment by focusing so heavily on material gain, growth, capitalism. call it what you will, but we seem to forget that for every action, there is a reaction and the ripple just doesn't end - in this case at the toilet.

if our soil is destroyed by pesticide chemicals, and our water becomes undrinkable, and our air continues to get more polluted - folks, these are the basics - how do we survive?

some say the bees are the canary in a coal mine of our eco-system. while these minute amounts of drugs may not have immediate or noticeable effects on humans (that we are aware of - YET), what might they do to the tiniest of creatures in our already fragile eco-system?

so, do i need to boil my water now? would that even help?

some scary thoughts for a monday.

please let us know what you think!


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Kim said...

I heard the story on the radio this morning and was completely disgusted! The bees are the canaries in the coal mine! Our culture is all about more more more! The habits of the typical American consumer are not consequence free. It's only going to get worse.

mexpat said...

I wonder what (if anything) it has to do with the recent rise in Austism in children. NJ has the highest incidence of Autism in the US... I wonder if it's related to pharmaceuticals or just environmental pollution or what. Pretty scary stuff, but I'd hate to know what all is in the water in Mexico!

A couple weeks ago I saw the guys at a car wash cleaning out the oil trap in the drain by taking out the pan and taking it over to the street drain and pouring it in. Uh, guys, there's a reason why your drains at the car wash are made to catch the oil!