Sunday, January 27, 2008

Get Smart.

I got a little smarter today in more ways than one. First, at services this morning at the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, I learned that Grist has this great resource on their site called 'How Green is Your Candidate?' - check it out! Hilary is actually rated the highest.

Then we went over to SmartWorld Coffee in Morristown for a cuppa organic, fair trade java and some Go Organics Community Crunch granola - see Chef Judy holding Benjamin who is holding my free bag -- she was giving out free samples of the yummy stuff you can purchase there every day! See some of Chef Judy's sacred recipes in the Jan/Feb issue of Relevant Times.

While there, I got even smarter after test driving this cute new Smart Car from Mercedes-Benz. There I am in the little pregnant roller skate. James is in the doorway in the background. I must say it was liberating to drive such a small car since I usually drive this big Plymouth Grand Caravan every day. I was a little disappointed that it's not hybrid or anything - uses gasoline and only slated to get 40 mpg city/highway! The low-end model is going for about $11,000 -- According to the friendly salesperson (whose name I don't remember), we're the 37th country to get the car - it sells big in Rome. There's a nine-month wait for it, you put $99 down and they start building one for you.
All in a Sunday's work!
:) Jen


Kim said...

That car is cute as a freaking button! I wonder how safe it is for highway driving? I do a lot of highway driving in the summer with my kid.

Meg & Jen said...

i'm w/ Kim . . . doesn't seem like a safe highway vehicle. wish we could have special highways either for trucks and large SUVs only or for cool little cars like this only. just need to seperate the two. hey, what about rebuilding our rail system to accomodate most of the truck traffic!!!!????

AliA said...

That car IS so cute but very small. I already feel like a midget in my sedan when I'm on the road with the SUV monsters. I have now visited my 2nd blog ever - kim's was first. So now I'm really not a blog virgin anymore. Love your walks in the woods. Music is very inspirational - guess that's why I was a dance major in college. Have an awesome day! :-)

Meg & Jen said...

We are pretty new to the blog-sphere too. i'm loving it so far! so thrilled we are among your first. feel honored. i have to take some time and write a new blog, huh?