Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is Print Really Dead? Slow Publishing part 2

continuing on the theme brought up in an earlier post, we are still discussing the fate of ink on paper . . . it is an interesting debate and seems that whatever side you fall on, most are pretty strident in their support of their belief in favor of keeping print on life-support or doing the Kavorkian thing and moving on to the next world (the digital realm).

we as a media company have not come up with any clear cut answers yet. and it is hard to let go of something tangible that feels almost like a child of sorts. the labor involved (which none of us would really miss that much), binds you to it in a special way.

everywhere i went last week there were RT readers gushing about how much they LOVE the magazine. i just smiled and said thank you while thinking - gee how would you feel if i told you it might just go away? i didn't have the heart to spring it on any of these folks as they were so happy and i in turn appreciated and absorbed some of that good stuff. hard to let that go.

we've been turned on to, which could be the next we may have an opportunity to make our video broadcast entry here pretty painlessly. this could help people find our budding website, but can this really replace the magazine for 'on the street' 'hands-on' coverage?

talked to my trusted hair guy, Duane, this afternoon while getting a much-needed cut and color (all natural and really does look great!), and he said that honestly, he would NOT read much on the web and prefers print. he is one of our loyal sponsors of our internet radio show and he has NEVER listened to it. at least he's honest about it! although he said his partner is ALL about the web and surfs and reads stuff from there all day long.

no clear answer. dunno. seems like we (maybe the 'we' is us over 30) just aren't ready to totally let go of print.

we want your input. please weigh in and let us know how you feel in general and if you are a RT reader and/or browser, let us know how you feel about print v. all digital.



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