Friday, January 18, 2008

Hi there!

Welcome to our crazy, multi-media world. Jen and I are broadcasting a good deal of our personal lives as we strive for sustainability through our professional lives with Relevant Times. Okay, so the bi-monthly print magazine is a production deal that is like giving birth every two months (we can both testify to that as mothers of 5 kids between us!). We've been operating on passion, fumes, and amazing good will on the part of many supporters (incuding our weary and underpaid staff).

We're trying to focus more attention on this very expansive (and more sustainable, less carbon output) electronic world. Have you seen our website? Our fab interactive team has done an amazing job and even more amazing, they have trained us to do most of this on our own now - watch out world!

So, we're planning on updating the website a few times per week and doing more with stuff like this. Sign up for the eNews Updates and we'll keep you posted about some of our interesting guests for the radio show and our latest TV interviews too!

Jen and I really want to interact with more of you. So . . . Post away! Let us know what you want to talk about and what you care about.

We certainly have stuff to say.

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