Friday, January 25, 2008

Testing fun sustainable pet products

one of the best parts of this job is that we get to test and review a lot of products. they just seem to magically show up on the doorstep. some of them we request from the hundreds of press releases we receive, but some we have no idea how they get here!

today, i opened a package from West Paw Deisgn, who are creating durable products for pets from environmentally sustainable manufacturing materials and processes.

i've gotten cool pet products before, but as soon as i opened these, i saw that one was for woody (the golden retriever boy), and one was for spooky (cool black cat). it took them all of 30 seconds to get into action . . .

i'm sure there is catnip in this one!

woody was equally enamored with his and grabbed it AND spooky's toy and within 2 minutes had the squeaker out of his and most of the stuffing pulled out. he likes to pull it all apart and sleep with it - almost like a nest. he will carry around the shell for months (if it doesn't get too nasty, in which case we eliminate it when he isn't looking - i know cruel, but hey, he has others, believe me!).

meg :)

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mexpat said...

Love the blog! We often recycle old stuffed animals by cruising the yard sales in our neighborhood. We buy smaller stuffed animals and let Chico have at 'em. Like Woody, he's usually got them apart and unstuffed in about 5 minutes, but at least we're only out $.25 or so for each one!