Sunday, January 20, 2008

Superbowl 42 going green?

okay, so today my family, which includes all kinds of extended family member on 'game' days, shows up for the all-important Giants playoff game.

i tried to act disinterested, but i got caught up in the frenzy as we screamed, lept from our seats, grumbled and yelled at the coaches about how they should do it.

anyone that knows me, knows that i am as true a peacenik as anyone, but i also come from a father who was a phenomenal athlete and who would've played professional football (he was recruited from Colgate) had he not done his patriotic duty by heading off to WWII instead.

so, being a woman of diverse and complex interests, i can't deny my excitement.

jen and i were quoted several times in a great story about green business in the Daily Record today. while ripping apart the newspaper to find our 'cover' story for their new special business section, i came across a piece about the greening of the superbowl. this intrigued me, so i decided to check it out on the official Superbowl 42 website.

must be some monsterous offsets, and they'll need to plant thousands of trees to offset the carbon output!

glad they are making some effort, but not sure if this might not qualify as an example of 'greenwashing'. especially when it is used for marketing/promotional purposes.

what do you think?


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wbouchard said...

Go Giants!!!!!

"The Jolly Green Giant"