Monday, February 25, 2008

dr. seuss hat

hard to tell from this photo, but this is my latest whacky creation, seen on the head of one of my earlier creations, my daughter mary.
i knitted this hat from this wonky black yarn, which made a really wobbly, fun, dr. seuss style toasty head covering.
here's my doc seuss quote for the day:
"Just tell yourself duckie,
you're really quite lucky!"
found this fun page filled with quote from the prolific and profound - click here for more dr. seuss quotes.
knitting a matching scarf that i was going to give to wayne, but i swear it expanded and it seems wide and it is more like a shawl.
nothing really sustainable to report.
check out some of the new recipes jen and i have been sharing on our website.


Kim said...

I loves me a wacky hat! Today is Dr. Seuss day at my son's school.

Meg & Jen said...
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Meg & Jen said...

dunno what happened to the previous post - but, i was really stunned by the syncornicity of your son's school and my doc seuss moment. need hat lessons soon! :)meg