Friday, February 22, 2008

let it snow

i can't find my digital camera to capture the thousands of these little buggers that are falling gracefully out of the sky right now. the view outside my window is a whispy white wonderland.
so, i went and found a few cool images of individual snowflakes. it is hard to believe how amazing these little guys are up close and personal. from my window or even standing right next to hundreds of them clustered or floating down for their last individual dive, they don't seem so unique or different.
i just LOVE a snowy day.
happy belated birthday to me!!!!! yesterday marked another year since the original one when my poor mother worked so hard to push me into this thing we call life. go mom. after i started having children, i realized how birthdays are not only about welcoming the new wee one, but i suddenly realized how underappreciated mothers were on that day! i mean, we make a fuss over ourselves because we have lived 365 more days, but it is the anniversary of a day of hard labor for most mothers.
so, 20-something years ago, i started celebrating my mother on my birthday. nothing extravagant, but some type of acknowledgement about her involvement in the process.
my mother has been gone for 13 or 14 years (one of my siblings can set me straight on that one), so there is always a bitter-sweet, emotional moment or two i spend quietly no matter what goes on. i miss my mom, but i know she is around and i thanked her yesterday for all her efforts that day and for all the love for the ensuing years.
now, on my kids' birthdays i have started a tradition of telling them all about the day they were born. they now look forward to that part of their birthday celebration each year.
i had a wonderful day yesterday. i expected nothing and honestly have never been much of a birthday partier, but the true friendship and love i felt yesterday goes way beyond fancy parties and gifts. but, i LOVE the goodie bag jenifer gave me with my beautiful and colorful alpaca gloves and bracelet and tea (she knows me so well); and the really cool pink charging station wayne found for me - so girly, hightech, AND useful! my girls got me exactly what i wanted AND i've been eating myself into oblivion with all the wonderful meals!
i'm going to enjoy this quiet, snowy, post-b-day.
i'll be uploading new goodies to website so, make sure to check that out!

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Kim said...

Happy Birthday! The snow is just so pretty to look at. A nice b-day treat for you. On my b-day, my mom always tells me she would go back & do it again. That's a relief!