Sunday, February 3, 2008

Knitting on Game Day, and other non Superbowl activities

i suppose if our basement hadn't flooded and wiped out our hot water heater, things might be easier today . . . alas, sorely in need of a hot shower, i've been sidetracked today, NOT by the Superbowl and all the game-day preparations involved, but by knitting primarily.

my little artist and creative daughter, jessie has caught the knitting bug from her grandmother, who she has been living with. apparently this virus is spreading. jessie came in yesterday with some cotton yarn (i'm allergic to wool), some knitting needles for me. she made herself a hat a couple of days ago that we both marvelled at, so now it is my turn.

here i want to give some inspirational credit to my new and most interesting blogger friend, yarny old kim. i have seen her knitted socks live and in person and i'm not sure i'll ever get there, but it is something i aspire to.

i should be cleaning the house because we have a small crowd decending upon us for festivities (which really means, I cook a lot of food, and they sit in front of the TV cheering and groaning depending on the Giants' performance). i have a lot of cooking to do too.

instead i've alternated between sitting on my little couch in the sun room with the cat on my lap, reading Pattie Boyd's book about being married to both George Harrison AND Eric Clapton. seems greedy to me, but whatever . . . and then sitting in the other chair with the foot stool and knitting or attempting to anyway. i made significant progress in the knitting and then dropped a couple of critical sticthes at the end. my daughter is sitting here now trying to help me fix it.

i suppose this is a good time to get busy cooking and cleaning, but i thought blogging would be much more fun!

i wonder how disappointing the ads will be this year . . . saw a CBS Sunday Morning story about how they are ALL geared towards the web . . . even traditional broadcast media is bowing to this new media beast!

hope you all enjoy your sunday, no matter what you are celebrating or doing!



Kim said...

Sorry about your basement and hot water heater. Suck-o-rama! Glad to hear that you and your daughter are knitting! Since you're allergic to wool, you could also try some bamboo, silk or even musk ox (qiviut) or buffalo yarn. They're like buttah! Are you allergic to cashmere? It comes from a goat. There's a new book out called, "No Sheep for You," and it features non-wool yarns for the wool allergic.

Meg & Jen said...

well, my beloved also happens to be an amazing fix-it dude (you would never know to see him in his brooks brothers suits all week!) and HE JUST FIXED IT!!! we now have hot water for the first time since friday! (don't worry folks, we visited friends and family for showers).

i am allergic to cashmere :(, but i'm so psyched about all these other possiblities.

i can see knitting in my future!


Mary Beth said...

Welcome to the newest addicted anonymous group..Knitters R Us. Natural yarns come in many forms besides wool. I love 'em all. I really like the intro chapter to No Sheep. It was very informative about the different yarns out there for the allergy conscious, but also their pros & cons & how to successfully replace wool with these yarns. (There's more to it than just gauge to gauge!) Looking forward to knitting progress & obsession in your near future.