Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Hate Global Warming

is it my imagination or all this hype about climate change OR in the last few years have more snow storms than not turned into rain here in NJ??????

back to my basement. because we had a nice snow yesterday, then the sleet, now the rain, there is no ground water absorption near the outside steps to my basement so the water is just running right down the stairs and bypassing the wonderful new subpump my handy manly man, wayne installed last week. so, i'm down there EVERY 15 MINUTES with a giant broom sweeping the water to the corner where the hole (which is mostly empty) for the subpump is.

i hear it is going to rain heavily all day. yeah! guess i don't need to go to the gym this afternoon! if i do it right, i can burn a mess of calories on those narrow, steep stairs. the cumulative affect will be like going to a step class!

if this were snow, i wouldn't be having this problem (and i'd have to go to the gym).

i need to do some meteorological research to see what the patterns have been, but i just don't remember all this nasty rain-after-snow stuff when i was growing up in this very same area.

if my back weren't so painful and the fact that i have to go up and down the stairs EVERY 15 MINUTES and sweep the water, i might not be so crabby.

was hoping to blame global warming or climate change.

it is fun owning your own home, right?

how can i make all this fun more sustainable? on second thought, not sure i want to sustain this particular brand of aerobic exercise.

i'm open for suggestions.



Kim said...

I feel your pain. I want some freaking snow. Not a tease of snow and then rain. SNOW!!! When it snows and then rains buckets like it is now I get water in the basement too. It seeps in. Not much, never more than an inch. Nothing I can about it that won't cost a bazillion bucks. Mop it up or get out the wet/dry vac. At least my basement floor is always sparkling clean!

Meg & Jen said...

yes, i do have an extremely clean basement floor . . .

found some other knitters i sent your way today. they will LOVE your blog.