Friday, February 29, 2008

Fantastic Fabe's - yummy all natural baked stuff

this is definitely my favorite part of the job - we got a huge box dumped on the doorstep this week. i opened it up to find several bags of dry ice, but of course that wasn't the exciting part.
SEVERAL pies, a whole chocolate cake AND 6 different packages of cookies!

WHOOOO HOOOOOO . . . i wasn't quite ready to start my weight-loss routine anyway . . .

somehow i can justify them because they are all natural, no sugar or artificial sweetners, vegan, and so far ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!!

i divided the pile to give some to jen, but i'm afraid we're going to eat her family's ration pretty soon.

big green thumbs up!



Kim said...

Yummy! Now that's the kind of package I'd love to receive. So the vegan stuff tastes good too. Sometimes the texture is a little off (especially if it's also gluten-free).

Meg & Jen said...

OK, I was the happy recipient of half of this amazing stuff and boy has our family enjoyed it. I just can't believe that it's all sweetened without sugar. It was so enjoyable to eat without having that crash afterwards! The chocolate cake pictured here is just decadent -- and my boys are enjoying the mini-cookies, chocolate-chip, chocolate fudge-chip and the gluten-free coconut macaroons. Haven't gotten into the pies yet - but I'm sure they'll be gone soon. Thanks for sharing Meg. :)jen

Sandra said...

I am really jealous of all that great food you get to sample!!! I'd like to extend a bit the idea that sustainability in food and desserts be applied to artesenal (sp?) food producers. I recently discovered a great chocolate maker (cannot remember name) who uses real vanilla instead of artificial, and real fruit instead of flavored "extracts". Not only do the candies taste fresher and more delicious (vivid flavors) but they are also more natural.