Thursday, February 7, 2008

knitting, voting & other recent events

it's been a busy week so far! hard to make time to write here. sorry.

update on sustainable knitting project:

yours truly in the superbowl hat! i know, i know, it should be blue . . . go giants!

i've decided knitting is an amazing therapeutic activity that fits into the sustainable category of making useful stuff for ourselves, distracting oneself during challging times, AND the simple satisfaction of creating something.

i'm very proud of my little hat - and not just because it makes me about 3 inches taller with that giant pom-pom my daughter made for it either!

i feel like mike nesmith of the monkees. for anyone over 40, they'll know who i'm talking about. anyone younger, can go to the links provided and familiarize yourself with some odd and colorful bits of the culture i grew up in. when i was a kid, i thought he was the cutest . . . maybe it was the knitted hat he ALWAYS wore with the pom-pom on top!

rock the vote:


hillary kicked ass in Jersey. yes, i'm coming out for hillary. i'm announcing my endorsement of hillary clinton. not sure anyone cares, least of all the senator herself!

i really like mr. obama. he gives great oration! i do think he has incredible potential, but i feel strongly that we are in desperate need of someone who has the experience and capacity to WORK the whitehouse game on 'day one' as hillary says (perhaps a wee bit too often).

i'm among those who feel a clinton/obama ticket would be a powerful match for anything the republicans could come up with. and now that mr. morman has gracefully bowed out, we're looking at good ole mccain.

okay, i'll restrain myself from ranting at this point.


if you are a feline lover and saw the image of our goofy spooky with the catnip toy on her head (see earlier post about testing sustainable pet toys), please send out some good energy to her. she is currently sobering up from getting knocked out for tests today. she's been really sick for the past couple of days. we are worried.



Kim said...

Sending good vibes to your kitty. Awesome kick ass hat! You're hooked for sure now. Nesmith was cute in his hat. I loved watching the Monkees when I was a kid. I rocked the vote. A hint about who I vote for: Hos before Bros.

Meg & Jen said...

okay, i'm a numbskull, but i don't get your hint at all . . . my brain is just too fried?

kitty is better, but might have some rare kidney disorder - of course. we're hoping regular potasium will fix it.

thanks for the good kitty vibe.